Upper West Side, NYC

My Work With Adults

My goal is to help you connect to those parts of yourself that may be blocked, undeveloped, or not functioning optimally, in order to live a fuller, more satisfying life for yourself and with others, one in which you are able to minimize the effects of external stress. Diminishing of what does not work for you, and the supporting of new ways to achieve your goals will take place through a shared, collaborative process. We will become a team.

My Work with Children, Parents, and Couples

Children develop and grow naturally. When there is conflict and/or stress that is too challenging, development slows down or is diverted. My goal is to help children resume the normal path to healthy development.

When there are disruptions in family life because a child or adolescent is struggling with issues, parent work can also be very helpful for your family, in order to ensure that your child is getting the support that they need to get back “on track”.

Making and sustaining a satisfying relationship can be challenging because of a couple’s individual history of intimate relationships. A couple’s therapist who maintains neutrality is able to translate what each person is saying so that both partners feel heard and understood. The goal of our work together is to restore loving feelings, empathy and connection.

Psychotherapy Upper West Side (UWS) NYC, Rosaleen Rusty Horn

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I have been in private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC, for over 25 years. I provide individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, marriage therapy, child therapy, adolescent therapy, and support and guidance for parents struggling in relationship with their children. Please contact me for more information on my practice.