Couples Therapy

Re-connecting With Your Partner

Couples Therapy, Upper West Side, NYC

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Develop better understanding of the dynamics between you that are causing difficulties.

If you wish, I can also provide couple therapy to help you and your partner develop better understanding of the dynamics between you that are causing difficulties, in order to enhance the quality of your relationship. In a Couple Therapy setting, both members have decided to work together to unravel the knots of discord and develop new ways to be in the relationship. I will observe your interactions, your feelings towards one another and towards me and speak with you about what are the misunderstandings and misreadings that I think interfere with a loving intimacy.

Sometimes, the problem is easily solved. Other times, long-standing resentments interfere with creation of a more open, trusting and loving atmosphere. These will need to be addressed and wrestled with in order for a new connectivity to emerge. Sometimes, it is best to accept that the relationship may not be workable. That too involves a process, which leads to deeper understanding of why it may not work.

Has The Stress of Your Children(s) Difficulties Affected Your Relationship?

Another aspect of Couples Therapy is my work with parents whose relationship has become stressful due to difficulties their children may be having. One source of discord between the parental couple might be because one parent sees the situation entirely differently from the other and tension develops. Or, all responsibility for managing a difficult child falls on one parent and that parent feels resentful and burdened. These feelings may mask some underlying anxieties about the child’s health. Professional unraveling of this area can clear the way for collaborative problem solving to begin, for the couple and for the child. Resolution of these problems WITHIN the parental couple will facilitate better management of the child’s problems as well, and the atmosphere at home can be greatly improved.

Couples Therapy Upper West Side, UWS

I’m Rosaleen Horn, a Licensed Psychoanalyst in NYC. I have been providing individual therapy, couples therapy, counseling for children, adolescents,  parent support and guidance, and therapy for those who are in later life stages for over 25 years. My practice is located on the Upper West Side (UWS) in NYC. Please reach out so I may introduce myself, my work, and how we can move forward together.