• marriage counseling upper west side nyc, couples counseling upper west side nyc, marriage counselor

     Taking Care of Yourself Will Improve your Relationship

    We often speak about how we may not feel fulfilled in our relationships. This could be because we don’t realize how important it is to provide for ourselves and not only just for the other person.  Our partner may feel his/her needs are all important …

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  • marriage counseling upper west side nyc, couples counseling upper west side nyc

    Make Room for Your Partner

    In a healthy intimate relationship ideally there are two separate individuals, both of whom need space for themselves, sensitivity to their feelings and support for their interests and goals. Affection, sexual responsiveness and warmth may also be among the primary expectations. There is nothing negative …

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    An Example of How Child Therapy Works

    A young boy comes to his child therapy session very upset and crying. We have already established a relationship over time. He has pushed another child off a swing at school and is being suspended from school for a day. He is worried that his …

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    Some Challenges of Being a Parent

    Reading books on parenting can be very helpful. They can tell you about the stages of development in childhood and what to expect as your child grows. They can tell you about toddlerhood and how different it is from infancy. They can talk about gender …

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    Why Therapy Can Take Awhile

    People often ask why does psychodynamic therapy take so long when there are other forms of therapy that can happen in a much shorter time frame. Here is one answer. It has taken many years to become the person you are. Usually by your mid …

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    The Value of Saying No To Your Child

    Often parents wish to give their children EVERYTHING. They want to make their children’s life beautiful; they want it to be free of narrowness and deprivation. They want to give them what they may never have had.  They feel generous and loving and they hope …

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    Hiding your conflicts in your Body

    Aches and pains are not always just what they seem to be. There are times when your aches and pains represent something deeper that you may not be aware of. Physical manifestations can represent aspects of emotional turmoil or conflict that you have not addressed …

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    Being in the moment is connecting to yourself

    Everyone wants to find happiness.  Very often, we go looking for things that we think will make us happy. Sometimes it works.  We go on a trip we have always wanted to go on or, we finally buy that perfect thing or things we have …

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    Connect To Your Essential Joy

    To connect with your essential joy, you need to let go of resentments and anger from the past. Why do we stop ourselves from sharing our true thoughts and feelings?  How do we start to be more open to ourselves and to others?   There are …

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