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Hiding your conflicts in your Body

Aches and pains are not always just what they seem to be. There are times when your aches and pains represent something deeper that you may not be aware of. Physical manifestations can represent aspects of emotional turmoil or conflict that you have not addressed or are not able to translate into words: headaches, stomach tensions, intestinal problems, tightness in muscles, skin problems and more. Psychotherapy or counseling, that comes from a holistic perspective, will help you to translate these symptoms back into the language of feelings and emotions.

The reason you may be having these physical symptoms rather than knowing about and feeling what is troubling you is because sometime earlier in your life, those feelings or conflicts seemed too frightening to you. It could be that the people in your environment were not comfortable with certain feelings, like anger or anxiety. It could be that you were afraid of the power of your feelings and did not want to cause conflict with others.

Psychotherapy with a Body Focus

Once the pathway to the body is opened, and the pathway to direct expression of conflict or difficult feelings is closed, physical symptoms become a main channel for expressing your conflicted feelings.

Although these symptoms may pass, with some help from minor medications, major medications, massage, medical interventions and other helpful solutions, it may only be a matter of time when your life will be disrupted by these troubling symptoms again. And, of course, there may be long-term effects on your general sense of health and well-being.

Dynamic therapy will try to help you understand the history of your relationship to conflict, challenging feelings and your body.  It can also provide a safe environment where you will be able to feel secure that your conflicts can be expressed and received in a non-judgemental way. And, you will find out more about who you are, what matters to you, what you like and don’t like in the deepest way possible. It will take the pressure off your body and allow your feelings to emerge in the most healthy and natural way.

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